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To find out if your app is suitable to submit to us, the easiest way is checking if your app is available in China App Store.

Also don't forget, if your app is not listed in form, send us an email and explain why it is not on-shelf.

following types of apps will NEVER BE ACCEPTED:

  • Gambling. Apps that provide games of or platforms for purchasing Pokers, Mahjong, Slot-Machines and other gambling utensils will never be accepted.

  • Pornographic contents or sexual sevices. Apps that provide pornographic movies, TVs, writings, songs or any other forms and prostitutes recruitments will never be accepted.

  • Narcotics, marijuana or other illegal drugs. Apps that provide usage instructions, descriptions or platforms for purchasing narcotics, marijuana or other illegal drugs and theirs utensils will never be accepted.

  • Strongly political-related services. Apps that advocate, incite or promote racial discrimination, religious discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, political spectrum discrimination; or provide misleading content, such as inducing voters to vote for a party, organization or individual; or to justify massacres or wars will not be accepted.

  • This list may be updated without any notice.

For apps that are going to be on-shelf in mainland China 🇨🇳:

  • Note the "Three T's Policy": Please avoid mentioning Tian'anmen Square, Taiwan, and Tibet issues.

  • If your app has ads or content that promotes or mentions VPNs, Dalai Lama, Human Rights Issues in Xinjiang, Tibet Independence, Taiwan Independence, Falungong, or its related websites, please inform us. Your app will be reviewed by our Chinese Antifraud and Anti-Discrimination Team and we'll decide whether we can proceed or not. You will be notified once we have our feedback come out.

  • If your apps are deployed with any forms of censorship, please provide a complete allow-list and disallow-list of keywords being used for review by our Chinese Antifraud and Anti-Discrimination Team.


Apple: https://developer.apple.com/terms/

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