Wanna Have More Users in China?

As Google Play Store is not available in China mainland, App Store from Apple® has become the most reliable way for global developers to distribute their amazing apps.

According to Apple App Store®, there're over 50% of new downloads are from different areas of developers, which means to earn more users, developers MUST localize their apps properly.

If developing apps are so easy, Why localizing them could be so hard?

To put it in a simple way, Mandarin and English are two absolutely different languages.

In semantic analysis, Mandarin are mostly displayed in independent characters, named as "汉字". However, English are displayed in words linked by letters.

Also, Mandarin is derived from Chinese. Chinese includes Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), Traditional Chinese. Mandarin is used in China mainland (P.R.C.) and Singapore while Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong S.A.R., Macau S.A.R. and Taiwan (R.O.C.).

Why localize into Chinese?

As we mentioned above, Chinese can be divided into 2 kinds. But Chinese-using areas occupied 20% population of this planet, which have massive possibilities for you to explore.

Once you've finished localizing your app, it's ready to go. And Mandarin language pack contains over 95% similar strings that could be re-used in Traditional Chinese with just little transformation. That means you can use only ONE language 🀄️ to open-up FIVE different markets 🇨🇳🇭🇰🇲🇴🇹🇼🇸🇬.

Why you?

We have successfully helped Telegram to translate their powerful IM app into Chinese Simplified. And so far, Jiantizi language pack have over 1,000+ users now! And it's still growing!

Also, Matteo from Italy developed MiBandNotify app, which distributed on Google Play. After we helped him translating his work into Chinese, it's famous in Xiaomi Forum now!

We made our mind to help FIDs to start their business in China by helping them localize their apps first. For FIDs, we will provide lifetime FREE service in app localizations with no other limitations applied*!

*Your app must be previewed by our Chinese Antifraud and Anti-Discrimination Team first. And it should never provide any illegal contents to anyone. Even those contents are legal in certain areas. To find out if your app is suitable for submitting to us, go visit App Compliance page.